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It is derived from thyme (Thymus vulgaris), a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family, Thyme is frequently used in aromatherapy, cooking, mouthwashes and elixirs, as well as in ointments. It also has a range of medicinal properties due to its essential oils. The medicinal properties of thyme come in general from its essential oils which are extracted thru steam distillation of fresh flowers and leaves.

The principal constituents of its Thyme Essential oil are alpha-thujone, alpha-pinene, camphene, beta-pinene, para-cymene, alpha-terpinene, linalool, borneol, beta-caryophyllene, thymol, and carvacrol.

Thyme essential oil incorporates 20 percent to 54 percentage thymol, which gives thyme oil its antiseptic properties. Further most, thyme oil is commonly used in toothpastes and mouthwashes. It effectively kills germs and infections in the mouth and protects the teeth from plaque and decay. Thymol additionally kills fungi and is commercially added to hand sanitizers and antifungal creams.

Pure oil of Thyme is taken orally for bronchitis, pertussis, pharyngitis, colic, arthritis, indigestion, stomach pain (gastritis), diarrhea, and bedwetting, a movement disorder in children (dyspraxia), intestinal gas (flatulence), helminthes infections, and skin disorders. It’s also wont to increase urine flow (as a diuretic), to disinfect the urine, and as an appetite stimulant. Some people apply thyme on to the skin to act as a counterirritant, for hoarseness (laryngitis), swollen tonsils (tonsillitis), sore mouth, and awful/bad breath.

People can use the fresh/clean leaves of thyme in teas and in cooking and sometimes place them between layers of linen to protect the fabric from insects. Thyme's essential oil, usually referred to as "oil of thyme," consists of between 20 percent and 60 percent thymol.

Health benefits of this essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, bactericidal, bechic, antispasmodic, antirheumatic, cardiac, expectorant, hypertensive, insecticide, stimulant, tonic, carminative, cicatrizant, diuretic, emmenagogue and a vermifuge substance.

Thyme oil has been found to be quite effective mosquito repellent. One study found that thyme oil, applied to the skin, repelled mosquitoes for 1-3 hours all through a lab setting. Thyme oil might be a reliable alternative to DEET-based insect repellents. Some essential oils can cause dermatitis when applied topically, so it’s important to always use a little amount blended well with carrier oil, like copra oil, before application. Thyme oil is employed as a germ-killer in mouthwashes and liniments. It’s also applied to the scalp to treat baldness and to the ears to fight bacterial and fungal infections.

Thyme oil has been wont to successfully relieve symptoms related to atopic eczema. Atopic eczema, recognized frequently as eczema, may also be a common pores and skin issue characterized by way of itchy, scaly patches on the skin. While eczema is frequent in children, thyme oil should not be used as a remedy for young kids. Thyme consists of chemical compounds which may help bacterial and fungal infections, and minor irritations. It additionally may relieve smooth and clean muscle spasms, like coughing, and have antioxidant effects. We AOS Products is a brand name in the manufacturing and exporting industries of Essential Oils, in which Thyme Oil BP grade is also our main product.

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